I reached a milestone in my life this weekend.

At Another Anime Convention 2012, at the Dragonfly Dance, I got down on one knee and I proposed to my best friend.

Originally I wanted to have the theme from Titanic playing in the background, but the pianist only knew anime/game songs (I should have known that, though). I settled on “Eyes On Me” from the FFVIII OST. When it started playing, I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and told her she meant more to me than anything. I then popped the question, my heart racing.

Needless to say, she said yes, and everyone in the room clapped loudly in applause. We were poured sparkling champagne by the Con staff and had the entire room hug us in congratulations. Apparently, word spread like wildfire that “an Eridan just proposed to a Feferi at the ball and it was legit!” as Homestucks sprinted down the halls in excitement.

Here’s a picture taken after we left the ball, showing our outfits.
Fittingly, the dress she wore is made out of off-white bridal satin.